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Rocks Found at Public Launch

Riparian owners utilizing the public launch in the marsh (Iron Bridge) identified and notified the WWMD of the potential hazard. The WWMD is working in collaboration with the DNR, DNR Warden, and Waterford Police Department to place a temporary Rock Bouy on the rocks. This bouy will be in place until the rocks can be removed. We thank the owners for their diligence in notifying the WWMD and thank our partners for their quick actions to address the issue. A WWMD commissioner placed a temporary fishing marker on the rocks to help the DNR and WPD. We will keep you informed of any plans to remove. The launch is still accessible, but please use caution. 

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Welcome to the WWMD 

Mission: Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed, and boundaries; while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents.

The district includes Tichigan Lake, Conservancy Bay, Buena Lake, Waterford Lake, and the Fox River. 

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EcoHarvester Demo

DNR demo on the waterway with new EcoHarvester to gain permitting for harvesting and cutting.






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The Big Questions

Purchasing an Weed Harvester

Why an EcoHarvester?

Traditional weed cutters must have at least 5ft of water to navigate. With a majority of our waterway under the 5ft minimum we are limited on our ability to keep navigable channels free of weeds. We rely heavily on chemical treatments for these shallow areas. The EcoHarvester can operate in water that is 2ft or less in some cases. Additionally, the harvester pulls weeds from their roots rather than cutting. We expect to see significant impacts on our weeds with the use of the EcoHarvester

Why an EcoHarvester?

What is an EcoHarvester?

Check out the link below to learn more about the EcoHarvester from the manufacturer. 

The Ecoharvester can function as a weed cutter and a weed puller. 

The commission is proposing purchasing an EcoHarvester, a trailer to haul and store it, a truck to pull it and a dump trailer to dump weeds in designated dumping areas. 

Learn More about the EcoHarvester

The EcoHarvester Costs

EcoHarvester: $88,849
Trailer: $38,000
4WD Truck: $25,000

The DNR has requested a live demo on our waterway prior to permitting approval. (Learn more by clicking below).

DNR Demo: $4,200 

Life on the Water

Send us photos of your Life on the Water

Our waterway offers an array of outdoor activities all year long. We would like to see how our owners and local community members utilize the waterway throughout the year. Your photos could be featured on the website and social media.  

Partnerships in Action

“Waterford Police Department Patrol Boat Gets a New Look”

The WWMD board of commissioners approved financial assistance to the Waterford Police Department to make necessary upgrades to their patrol boat. The WWMD's funds were used to wrap the boat in new "clearly" identifiable markings, a new light system, and a PA system. The WWMD is committed to improving safety within the watershed and this was an important step in ensuring increased safety. 

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